Obtain PC GPU & Resolution info? (Direct X info)

Does anyone know if there’s a possibility to make your game detect the hardware specifications of the PC it is installed upon?
I ask because I’m working on a settings menu within UMG and I’ve added a progress bar that displays the GPU load depending on the values of the settings. (Similar to GTA V on PC)
For this I want the game to be detecting which video card with its corresponding amount of dedicated memory is installed in order to give an accurate result. (E.G. if the game sees the PC has a GTX 980 with 4GB of RAM, the meter is less likely to be filled on max settings opposed to an Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU with only 32mb of RAM)

The second reason I ask this is because of the resolution. I want to add a drop down list with available resolutions that also includes any other arbitrary resolution that might used on the PC.
I know some (even older)games detect the monitor’s native resolution and add it to the list of available resolutions. This is very handy since you can make the game future proof and compatible to any computer that plays it, be it now or years after release.
There are other (older)games for example whose resolution didn’t go higher than 1680x1050 because HD wasn’t common yet. So with a 1080p monitor you always play with a weird resolution. Making the hardware detect the monitor’s resolution will prevent this issue with future displays (say 4K 8K 16K, ultrawide, panoramic, 16:9, 16:10, 20:9 or whatever). Otherwise I would have to make a huge list with hundreds of different resolutions that one might need some day.

I know this information can be obtained from the DxDiag, but is it also possible for Unreal Engine to detect these settings? I know a lot of games can, so I guess the must be some way of doing this. I am not very experienced yet when it comes to stuff like this.

No one knows anything about this?

To get both (and any system parameter/setting) is under API callin (C++). Also, but not in official way, you have in the Rama plugin a Node to get the resolutions!

Thanks a lot for the link. This seems to be what I’m looking for regarding the resolutions.
I guess for the DxDiag information I’ll need someone who knows his way around C++