Objects are flinging after time dilation

I’m trying to create a time-stop effect, wherein all objects stop but the player. I used time dilation to make it work, and work it does - the player moves normally and all objects stop in place. The issue is, however, the main pawn can still interact with these other actors, applying a physical force to them while in time dilation. They seem to move slowly, but because the main pawn is 1000x as fast as the actor it’s interacting with, as soon as time resumes regular flow (time dilation 1.0), the object is flung in the direction it was inching to before.

So my question is, how can I either stop the pawn from interacting with other actors or make it so the motion of the object is reduced one thousand fold? Preferably, if I have to stop the interaction entirely, only the physical interaction will be stopped, so that things like hitboxes (when I implement them) will still be effective.

My blueprint: