Object Thinks It's Still Colliding After Leaving Object it Was Colliding With

Hello there, I’m making and FPS game and this one bug has stumped me for awhile now. I have a VTOL that when the player is inside simulates physics but doesn’t simulate gravity. When I fly it into some hills, It does somewhat what I expect it to, but once I back up, the object is still glitching as if it’s still colliding. Once I go and tap any object (including the original collision object) it returns to normal and flies around. I am also interpolating the meshes rotation to the control rotation if that makes any difference. When it thinks it still colliding the mesh is sideways, but once i tap something else, it readjusts itself. I can send a video if it helps.

It will probably help if you send the video. Did you mean that you hit the hills with the VTOL and then the hills start to fly? Check if the hills have all physics adjusted and probably disabled except collision.

Lol, no. I found a workaround for it, not the best, but it works. I think it’s just an error with their physics system, but thanks for replying