Object rotation based on camera's relative position

Yo Unreal Engineers,

So I pretty much want an object that the camera orbits around update it’s Pitch (Y) and Roll (x) rotator parameters based on where the player camera is around the object.

The camera orbits fine and the object rotates fine, but it doesn’t seem to want to update based on the camera’s position.

(object rotates based on the which way you drag with the mouse whilst holding LMB, camera rotates with mouse drag whilst holding RMB)

Would be cool if someone could solve this little hiccup :slight_smile:




Object in scene

… I might be wrong b’cos I’m not 1000 percent sure what you are aiming for… but perhaps if you are looking for a pawn to rotate with a camera attached AND for a camera to rotate around your pawn… it seems like totally refactoring the Actor BP with a Spring Arm and Use Pawn Control Rotation would be the simplest and most performant