Object Reference that is not a character or gamemode

I have looked at over 20 tutorials and they cast using gamemode or the thirdpersoncharacter that there are already function to get the object reference(get player character, get gamemode). Or a complex example that I don’t get.

A Simple example a function that Print hello on a screen : Screenshot-20 — ImgBB

Me trying to set it (lol): Screenshot-19 — ImgBB

Displays hello when a collision event happens (I know I can use the print command here but for demonstration purposes): Screenshot-21 — ImgBB

I’ve learned you can cast to get Blueprints to talk to each other but this doesnt work all the time I get a error that it doesn’t inherit Screenshot-22 — ImgBB

And because If I want to do a custom even this happens and I’m stumped: Screenshot-23 — ImgBB

I know I can use get all actors to bypass this but I’ve read that could lead to performance issues: Screenshot-24 — ImgBB

I’ve also had problems with updating Screenshot-26 — ImgBB and Screenshot-25 — ImgBB

Few Questions I have:

where do I set up the variables? The sender or receivers and where do I set their values.

what is an object reference? I understand what it is when it a number or a string but what is it when its a function? Or a widget? is it a snapshot of the widget? Proof that it already ran? This is a main stumbling block when it comes when to call a function or update it.

It would be helpful if you would include screenshots in your replies. The main reason why I like UE4 is because you can visually see what’s going on.~~~~

Good place to start.

blueprint uses some technical language from C++

an OBJECT is an instance of a CLASS when you call the CONSTRUCTOR of a class it instantiates a unique copy of that object.

a REFERENCE is similar to a POINTER and these are used to point to a memory address where an object lives. You are allowed to make function pointers and references to functions. A widget is a type of object so you can make a reference to that as well.