Object Pin in Cast to Widget_BP

I have a Problem with the object Pin at the Cast to … Node. In my Level, there is a Fireplace with a Triggerbox. If the Player is in the Triggerbox and presses “E”, the game will be saved. This happens in the Level Blueprint, my Savegame Blueprint only contains a Variable for the Playerposition and 3 Integers for each of the 3 Integers in the Picture (The Variables you can see in the Picture come from my Pausemenu, in which the player can set the Window Size (Resolution), the 3d Resolution (Resolutioningame) and the Graphicsettings (Grafikqualität) ). Now I want to get the 3 Variables from my Pausemenu in my Levelblueprint, so i can set the Savegamevariables and call them when the Player presses “L” to load the game.
My Problem is, that I dont know what to plug into the Object pin at the Cast to Pausenmenu Node.
Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile: