Object location during animation

I’am trying to get the world location of an equipped sword while playing an animation with a blendspace.
On the client it works fine, but I am not able to get the correct position from the server. The animation itself can be seen from every client so I believe there is no mistake in terms of replication.
The purpose is to do a line tracing to detect whether or not an enemy has been hit. I’d like to keep the tracing on the server (correct me if this concept is wrong).
What are possible mistakes that prevent the server from knowing where my sword is during an animation?

I think you should set up sockets on the sword (maybe one on the tip and the other one in the middle) and then use the sockets world location. It seems to me like the best solution

When I tested your approach I only found the possibility to get a socket location from a skeletal mesh. But even after adding a socket to the hand of the player, there was no change in the position during any animation on the server. Movement and getting the location from the client still works.
I used USceneComponents and collision boxes before without success.

Finally I have and the solution and will leave it here in case anyone else is searching for this too.