Object destroy doesn't work in multiplayer!

So I have a simple coin collecting game setup. It works fine in single player. Upon contact with the coin, the coin counter goes up and the coin itself is destroyed.

However, during multiplayer, the coin destruction only works for the server. With the clients, the coin count goes up but the coin itself is NOT destroyed.

Why is this?

My blueprint for the OnComponentBeginOverlap event for the coin is as follows…

OnComponentBeginOverlap(StaticMesh) -> Cast To ThirdPersonCharacter -> AddCoin -> Destroy Actor
______________________________________________________________-> As Third Person Character -> Target

So apparently the “AddCoin” method is executing since the coin count goes up, but the Destroy Actor command it NOT executing.

How can I fix this so that it works for the clients and not just the server?



Is your Coin Actor set to replicate?
If not, that would probably be the cause.

No, I don’t think I set that. How would I go about doing so?

Nevermind I’ve figured it out.

(double click on item) -> Replication -> (check) Replicates

Thanks a ton for the help!