Object appear way darker than in the mesh preview

I apologize if this is a dumb topic but I’m trying to get my models (made in Blender) work properly in UE. As I keep trying to fix the issues I constantly step on, I haven’t managed to find a solution for this. The object looks fine in the mesh preview but it appears way darker in the scene.

All the meshes are unwrapped, the materials have been created on Blender but re-worked into the Unreal Engine; the leaves have the ‘Two sided’ box checked in the material properties, the rest is just default


In the mesh preview the object is lit by dynamic lighting… by the screenshots I’m guessing you have baked lights…
When you set lightmap resolution it’s in pixels! So your tree has a 64 pixel lighting data! Due to this you’ll have a “random” lighting on your mesh…
You’ll need a properly laid uv and a high enough resolution for the lightmap!

AFAIK the static mesh preview is also being lit by the background HDRI. You can try to replicate the result by boosting your skylight (or using an HDRI as your skylight)

Also personally I would never recommend using static shadows on any piece of foliage unless it was for low end hardware. Trees have way too much shadow detail to be easily captured by a lightmap. If you absolutely must have static shadows you can do what Makigirl said and raise the lightmap res, but you’ll probably have to set it extremely high to get a good result.