Nvidid Hairworks question

In the documentation for Hairworks, it states the difference in how the hair is placed on your assets texture:

“Texture inputs can influence the fur per pixel in UV space or per vertex in UV space, depending on the control. In per pixel sampling, every interpolated hair will have proper texture samples from interpolated UVs. In per vertex sampling, values are sampled only at the guide hair (growth mesh vertex) location and interpolated.”

I understand the difference between a vertex and a pixel, what I don’t understand is what is the difference in the results? Do you get denser fur if you interpolate the fur per pixel instead of vertex? I think the main advantage of using vertexes is the ability to insert hairguides. I would imagine that it would be easier to manage hairguides per vertex than it would be per pixel. Maybe I am not understanding the documentation. The reason I ask is because I eventually wanted to create a trailer for a small game I am putting together. However I wasn’t planning on using a game engine to render the animated sequences. I wanted to use keyshot to render the animated sequence. From what I have seen you can get some impressive results using keyshot. One of the assets in the sequence will be covered in fur, and for the sake of a high quality render I am wondering if it would be better to render the fur per pixel, or per vertex?