NVidia Titan

Originally I was planning to run a couple GTX 770s in SLI, but then I found out that neither UE4 nor my modeling software (Modo) even support SLI. Obviously then the better option is to get one powerful card, and I’ve been looking at the NVidia Titan.
Does anyone know if it’s worthwhile to get this over just a higher-end 780? If I’m not mistaken, the only big improvement seems to be a couple extra gigs of VRAM, and I don’t know how useful that would really be, especially for the price.

In benchmarks the 780 ti will generally do better then the Titan for modeling software like Maya and AutoCAD. Its for the most part just a newer version of a Titan without the overhead cost of the extra gigs of ram.

I’ve been running a 780 GHz edition and it has no problems running UE4 and most modern games in general.

GTX Titan is the smart move if you intend to buy a second card later on to run in SLI. The reason is, the VRAM doesn’t stack in SLI, so with 6GB on the Titan, you should be bulletproof for the next 7-10 years considering how weak the current consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) are in comparison.

yeh if i were you, i would go for 1 titan black and that should make you and ue4 happy

Depends on your budget I suppose. Don’t have any testing data between the two to offer, except what can be found on tomshardware, but I recently upgraded to a 780 on my home machine and it runs whatever I put into UE4 just fine. So, if price restricts you from going to a Titan, it’s hard to imagine not being satisfied with the 780. With the cost savings between the two you could probably put that into all kinds of other equipment upgrades…or something else, say like alcohol, lots of sushi, or a weekend getaway to cope with video game design stress :slight_smile:

Sorry for a bit of necroing, but I have a pertinent issue again.
I still haven’t finished building my system, and now that the new 780 with 6gb is out, I’m debating between that or the 780ti.
The 780ti has half the VRAM, but better overall performance. The thing is, I’m not certain how the extra VRAM would benefit me. I know it helps with multi-monitor and higher resolutions, but I’ve heard 3gb is fine for that anyway within any reasonable range (like 3 monitors at 1080p, which I would not exceed).
How would that extra VRAM benefit me in using UE4 or Modo?

Obviously a Titan Black would have the best of everything as was mentioned, but it’s outside my price range, costing double the others. I was originally actually looking at a regular Titan, but that seems to now be heavily overshadowed by the new 780 6gb.
I also will be unlikely to utilize SLI at any point, since it has zero benefit outside of a full-screen video game apparently.

Well, I suppose the better cchoice is Ti, you won’t use those 6 gb ram anyways, and ti is actually suited for 4k gaming so in your case it shouldn’t be a problem.