nVIDIA GTX 480 video ?

I know this not the hardware area, please re-direct me to the correct area if I’m wrong.


Is anyone using the nVIDIA GTX 480 video card ?

If so…

How is it working for you with UE4.1 ?
I cant afford to upgrade to Pcie 3.0 right now I’m only at Pcie 2.0

I’m looking to upgrade my video card just for this program.


I use a gtx 470 and its ok

also pcie is backward compatible

Your GTX 480 should handle the program without any problems :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hope it does really good.

I ordered it, It’s the best I can do on my current system.

I really like the looks of the UE4 product.

I’ve been running UE4 on a GTX 460 and it just works. You shouldnt expect 60fps at 1080p but you’ll get enough framerate in the viewport and 720p that will let you work easily.

Mine is GTX 460 M also and it is working ok, not great,but ok. :slight_smile:

Well UE4 still has yet many optimizations to go through, so yeah all the first gen DX11 cards are taking a huge hit on performance.