NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

@fluffynukeit ok, I got it built and checked this thing (also fixed latest VS2019 c++ toolchain build issue while at it). I’m not 100% certain what you are struggling with here, are you talking about the settings you can see after you expand the settings from the arrow next to “Flex Asset” selection?

@0lento, thanks for looking into this. It was entirely my mistake. Your screenshot helped me navigate and find them in the right spot; I was just not on the correct panel previously. Please chalk this up to my UE4 newbishness. Much appreciated and sorry for the trouble.

No worries.To be honest I don’t even get why they want to allow you to hide those settings in the first place :slight_smile:

OK, so I was looking into NVIDIA Flow and I found this post here. From what I read it has been abandoned and is not available for any UE version past 4.21, is that true? Because if that is so, we will have to reconsider some of our design ideas.

Yeah, we need some real alternative for all gameworks - NVidia tuned up to be unreliable in this case.

We need Unreal to add features for soft bodies & fluid simulations, or at least we need plugins for this. It’s pretty difficult for indies to modify the engine themselves to add Gameworks…

render preview problem in 4.24 any idea we check 4.24 and 4.25 but both same problem movie render preview not show video but output video is fine any idea preview window size change???

Have anyone one heard if NVIDIA or someone else will update VXGI to newer engine versions and maybe there will be VXGI 3.0? Sadly i belive nvidia might have put VXGI on the shelf after DXR was introduced. But maybe there is hope i dont know. In my opinion VXGI beats DXR in many important areas for now.

Hey everyone, geart work with 0lento/UnrealEngine.
Does anyone know if nvidia cataclysm works with this repo? with 4.21? or just 4.19?

All the work in this thread in much appreciated!

Anyone have an issue with dragging/dropping from Windows into the Engine with these custo-builds? Do I need to build a library before building the engine? Is there a Drag/Drop checkbox in the Engine settings?

I’m sure this is a massively stupid question, so my apologies in advance.

How do i change the waveworks horizon color? I’ve tried everything and looked for documentation and couldnt find any. It’s driving me insane. I am trying to make a night scene and that is preventing me from doing it. Any ideas? A guy here asked i see but he doesnt really explain how he did it. Anyone can give me a detailed explanation?

hi olento how to merge houdini engine plugin in your 4.21 gameworks branch we tried many time but not work but 4.21 normal branch work fine

please merge GitHub - sideeffects/HoudiniEngineForUnreal at Houdini18.0-Unreal4.21 in gameworks 4.21

I managed to merge the Houdini plugin through 0lentos builds by recompiling the plugin through a new project instead of through the engine, this will make it specific to the project though.

On the topic of Gameworks it sucks that Nvidia seemed to have stopped all work on it but i guess RTX is a bigger priority right now. VXGI especially did prove very useful in specific situations and is still more refined than RTGI in its current state. I wish Nvidia would do a better job at keeping us in the loop because some people rely on this tech and at least a confirmation that it’s been abandoned or postponed would be nice.

I’ll be joining the club of waiting for updated Gameworks integrations into Unreal, specifically WaveWorks, however, since WaveWorks 2.0 is announced I’d say they’re going to take that technology and port it to newer releases of Unreal.

I was curious as to what we could expect, but all I could find was an interview with the developers of Atlas, the 3 things you should know article, and the info page about WaveWorks by NVIDIA themselves. ETA was soon back in early 2019, with no more information as of yet that I could find. Does anyone have more information on this? Looking to use WaveWorks in UE4 4.23 / 4.24 / 4.25…

Looks like i spoke too soon! :o

UE5 demo looks great and we finally have a stable dynamic GI option, i suspect it’s based off this RTX Global Illumination | NVIDIA Developer? If so i’m hoping we can get early access to a build and not have to wait til 2021 to use it.

PhysX 4.1 + Nvidia Blast plugin bundled together with Unreal Engine 4.25…5-PhysX4+Blast

Everything works without any problem so far, also you can change solver type from physics settings to PhysX 4’s Temporal Gauss Solver. I remember blast was having a terrible performance with PhysX 3.4, but I’m able to maintain solid 120fps with lots of destruction going on with PhysX 4.1 at the moment.

Note: You need to build PhysX binaries from ThirdParty/PhysX4/BuildProfile_Win64.bat, and you need Visual Studio 2019 as compiler/toolset to do that. Tested only on Windows.

[quote=“dyanikoglu, post:5571, topic:16686”]

PhysX 4.1 + Nvidia Blast plugin bundled together with Unreal Engine 4.25

can you merge hairworks in 4.25 ? dyanikoglu

I saw your branch “4.25-PhysX4”, looking at the commits it seems very clean. Do you know of any regression/issues with the other features of the engine (tools, animations, …)?

Have you thought sending it as a Pull Request to Epic?

@dyanikoglu are you able to share your demo scene?

Sure, I have it packed in my computer, I can share it tomorrow. (It’s originally from Nvphysx GitHub repository, but I made it compatible with 4.25)