NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

UE4 already using PhysX
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Is it possible to activate or spawn Flex shape emitters in game? I tried, but the editor crashes with an error message:

[2019.05.03-08.55.38:084][770]LogWindows: Error: === Critical error: ===
[2019.05.03-08.55.38:084][770]LogWindows: Error:
[2019.05.03-08.55.38:084][770]LogWindows: Error: Assertion failed: Container->IsMapped() [File:C:\git\UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\GameWorks\Flex\Source\Flex\Private\FlexParticleEmitterInstance.cpp] [Line: 82]

When looking at that line in the source code, it looks like this is the expected behaviour.

What I want to do is have a shape emitter being ready, and when an event happens it spawns the particles. I then want to be able to invoke the same spawning again multiple times.
Funny thing is that it works if I do it in the editor by having the checkbox “Auto Activate” unchecked when the game starts, then pause the game and check it. This works exactly the way I want, but I can’t get it to work from a blueprint script.

Hey @0lento thank you very much for maintaining your repos of Gameworks features!

We recently updated to 4.21 and merged your HBAO+ version for 4.21 into our engine as well. Unfortunately since then we have the problem that the AO seems to be leaking from the main viewport into all other editor viewports, which is very visible in other editor preview screens. I am not sure why this would happen at the moment, but I suspect the change for forward-rendering might be the culprit. Probably only one RenderTarget is used for all Viewports, but I don’t find the issue so far. Any idea how we can solve this?

Btw this also happens with any of the Sample projects in your HBAO+VXGI+TXAA branch. Just enable HBAO+ and open two screens. The AO from the main viewport should leak into the other viewports.

I would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Well… that’s not good :smiley:

I dont have 4.21 GW built atm but you could try reverting this commit from 4.21-Gameworks using git:…361e943fdd8350
after that HBAO+ renders directly on top of color instead of AO RT. Downside is that this commit was used to have AO have lesser effect in direct light so that will not happen anymore (you’ll see the AO effect on sunlight then unlike with unreals own AO) + HBAO+ will not work on forward shading enabled anymore.

If it’s still leaking after reverting that commit, then it’s issue on Nvidia’s VXGI branch itself.

anyone having issues with download? I get a Failed – Network Error

happens around 700 mbps

Not sure if its on my end or what.

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can help me out a lot with merging 0lentos PR-FleX-4.19.2, Hairworks and this…/tree/4.19-mod (Dual Quaternion mod).

I merged the dual quat mod with flex and have been using it for some time already, but now I want to add Hairworks to the engine and have been stuck for a couple of days. I don’t understand the merging process well enough and I’m probably making a mess of it :confused:

I also tried adding the dual quat mod to the 4.19 Gameworks branch (as it already has Flex and Hairworks) but it’s not building - can’t understand why as the mod only affects 11 files which as far as I can tell shouldn’t be a problem. Would love it if someone could help out here and explain the process in detail (preferably using source tree), I’ll buy you a beer… or five!

edit: OK… Ignore me…after about 20 attempts I managed to get the dual quat mod working with 4.19 Gameworks. I had to make sure I merged the Engine.Build.cs from Gameworks and the Dual quat mod properly, and then clean the solution in VS after installing the mod and then do a build. Man that was a fun couple of days :confused: Hopefully everything stays working now.

Can you help me integrate WaveWorks and hairWorks to 4.22? Thank you very much!

Anything that affects rendering on 4.22 requires a lot of new custom code due to the renderer change on 4.22. It is not a trivial port at all (I’m not even going to try myself).

It seems like I’ve found a bug in Hairworks. If you use the transform bone node in your anim graph to move the hip bone the Hairworks bounds location is not updated as you change the offset at runtime. It stays in the original location and causes the hair to be culled incorrectly - vanishing hair doesn’t look good! Anyone else encountered this?

Edit: So I’ve done more experimenting and found it does the same for anything that moves the hair at all, including animations. Visualising the bounds shows it’s in the correct place but it behaves as if it’s still in the location it was to begin with.

If anyone is interested, I have merged NVIDIA Blast into 4.22.2 and fixed conflicts coming from rendering refactoring,

Hey! did you know the Blast already comes with the 4.22.2 build already (Launcher Build) it’s in the plugins.

It’s not the same integration at all + built-in Blast only works with Chaos Physics, not with PhysX.

But isnt Chaos better than Current PhysX API ??

I am Russian. Help me. We make a game with a small team. And I would like to look like voxel illumination. I previously assembled the engine, I now that does not work. You can collect the engine. It must be UE4.21.and then upload to torrent, and I download or somewhere, but so that I download.

Does anyone know how to create softbody with a volume of particles connected by springs not using shapes

  1. Chaos isn’t released
  2. Chaos will not be production ready in a LONG time. I’d guess it’ll take few years to mature to a point where it’s actually usable (Epic can prove me wrong here, this is just based on their past iteration times of similar level big new systems).
  3. We have very little idea on what are the true strengths of Chaos Physics beyond the things demonstrated on the destruction demo. There’s almost zero info on the actual physics simulation qualities and what users doing physics sims can do with it.

You can’t redist UE4 editor binaries in a torrent, it’s against the terms

In theory Chaos API should be production ready with UE 4.24 while still in beta/preview in the upcoming 4.23 to test it out and report any bugs… which means by Q4 '19 it should be possible to use Chaos API expecting only minor bugs (or no bugs … although that is usually almost impossible)

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum. Yesterday I installed waveworks into ue4 4.19. And I cant find ANY documentation/tutorials. Nothing. Anybody know where can I find it? P.S. sorry for my eng