NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

Oh i’ll wait for this! by the way. I downloaded your 4.15 vxgi+hairworks… branch and after i compiled it says 4.14.3.

yes, it’s not supported yet there, i haven’t made the jump to 4.15 yet, i started working on upgrading to 4.15 from this fork on my local computer, but it didnt work out. As it is, and if you check the branch historic, you’ll realised it’s merely a copy of the 4.14.3 VXGI/FLEX/… branch. I should probably delete it.

edit: i’ve just deleted it :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I use this version of UE4 on Mac?
I can’t build it with Xcode 8.1.
here is error logs:

In file included from Runtime/Engine/Public/SkeletalMeshTypes.h:16:
Runtime/Engine/Classes/Materials/MaterialInterface.h:149:19: error: ISO C++ forbids forward references to ‘enum’ types
TEnumAsByte<enum EVxgiMaterialSamplingRate> VxgiMaterialSamplingRate;

In file included from Runtime/Engine/Public/MeshBatch.h:5:
Runtime/Engine/Public/MaterialShared.h:1001:10: error: unknown type name ‘FVxgiMaterialProperties’
virtual FVxgiMaterialProperties GetVxgiMaterialProperties() const { return FVxgiMaterialProperties(); }
Runtime/Engine/Public/MaterialShared.h:1001:77: error: use of undeclared identifier ‘FVxgiMaterialProperties’; did you mean ‘GetVxgiMaterialProperties’?
virtual FVxgiMaterialProperties GetVxgiMaterialProperties() const { return FVxgiMaterialProperties(); }


Runtime/Engine/Public/MaterialShared.h:1001:34: note: ‘GetVxgiMaterialProperties’ declared here
virtual FVxgiMaterialProperties GetVxgiMaterialProperties() const { return FVxgiMaterialProperties(); }

tell me its ok to use that branch xD

it’s like you were using the 4.14.3 branch, it’s the same ^^.

I’m porting VXGI to 4.15 at this very moment.

love you man! haha dont forget volumetric lighting!

HA! Best timing ever; I tried downloading and compiling that one last night and when I booted it up I saw it was just 4.14 and I was like, “Waaaaaait a second…”
Can’t wait for 4.15 + VXGI! It’s my dream come true. The other stuff like Flex and Hairworks are wonderful, but unnessessary; vxgi IS a requirement I have right meow, though… Also volumetric lighting, but that can wait.

PS: how have you added a signature to your posts linking to your branch? I have been digging around this site and I just can’t find that setting anywhere! It’s driving me bananas, because it’s probably insanely obvious and staring me in the face! XD

Edit: It totally was.

I’ll check this locally and update this post

edit: Ok, i can reproduce your issue here. After further look, it looks like there’s some real difference between this Flex version and the one published recently. This merged build is actually almost 1.5 month old and use a beta version of the recently released Flex.

edit-edit: i’ve now updated to most recent Flex, please re-download

I’ve just finished updating Flex to its latest update. Please re-download the build. Your issue is now fixed

Hi xenthor. from vxgi 4.12 version to 4.14 (with Nvidia branch) when i want paint a meterial on a landscape unreal get crash and editor closes with a fatal error.can you check if this problem is in your branch.if exist please resolve that bug.

Is this version of flex 1.1? And Flex contains waveworks?

Hey everyone !

Just built the VRWorks 4.14 branch today and I have to say I am quite impressed by the performance gain with Lens Matched Rendering (we observed up to half the performance gain on GPU frametime) !
That said most of our projects and blueprints have been moved to 4.15 for various reasons.

Is there any plans to branch VRWorks to UE 4.15 any soon ? Or is there a simple (ie don’t dive too much into the source code) way to merge the current 4.14 branch to 4.15 manually ?


Can you describe your exact step by step way to reproduce this issue please?

It’s Flex 1.1 taken from the most recent update from Nvidia 8 days ago. I updated the package last night, i’ll recommend downloading it again if you download it earlier.

Does HBAO+ work with the forward renderer in UE4?

@Miles.Macklin Is there a reason why the HBAO+ branch was not updated for 2 years now? I see that HBAO+ is also part of the VXGI branch, but I dont need VXGI and I would like to keep my UE4 as close to original as possible.

Also, why is the HBAO+ still on version on the VXGI branch while is already available in the non-ue4 repo?

[SIZE=3]xenthor this is step by step way to reproduce my issue :[/SIZE]


Nice, the error code is pretty explicit, i’ll look into that!

Thanks, I have download it and didn’t found any thing about waveworks. I guess flex1.1 doesn’t contain waveworks!

@Miles.Macklin Along with John’s question about HBAO+ getting updated, are there any plans on adding the rest of ShadowLib to the UE4? Specifically PCF, PCSS, and HRTS? Would be rather useful for a project, and with Flow/Volumetric Lighting added now, I think it may be the last GameWorks tech not available yet.

Well, it took more time than i anticipated from Monday to now , on and off, but i finally got VXGI working on 4.15

Renamed account from Xenthor

edit: @ZAxis i can’t seem to reproduce your issue? video below

Ohhh, can’t wait for Volumetric Lights!