NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

I don’t know about VXGI, but VXGI would be an overkill. So far, Ark has Sky Lighting only for open settings. For interiors and caves, it may benefit from VXGI since the locations are limited. But the features I am looking for the most are HairWorks and FLEX (for jiggly bellies of the dinosaurs and invertebrates like the achatina).

I am a student currently working on a project where I research the possibilities of Nvidia Flex for real-time clothing simulation.
After downloading the github flex branch and playing around with it in Unreal I’ve noticed that the simulation of cloth can be used for clothing, if I have the possibility to influence individual springs/particles within a flex-object (set different values for individual springs/particles within an object)

My question is:
Is there a way to set different values for individual particles or springs within a flex object instead of the entire object.
And if not, is it possible for me to reach the part of the source code in which I maybe can? (definition of springs/particles)

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Nice. I’ve just gotten the last version and it’s working now, thanks!

And I’ve just got a Rise of Tomb Raider update with support to VXAO, cool! Let’s see what it can do :smiley:


Hey guys

I was trying to get with UE4.10 VXGI soft shadows like the ones you obtain with area lights. The problem is that when using a plane with an emissive material i just obtain a broad shadow for the whole object and not self shadows.


in your example that for some reason you deleted you could see self-shadowing (the chin shadowing the left-side shoulder) however there was no self-shadowing for the nose as the noise is too small to catch the details. this is probably done by the non VXGI part of ue4, (see Shadow casting and Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows)

I am sorry if this has been asked before but there are 75 pages so I didnt read them all.

Is it possible to use multiple “integrations” in one project ? Like: Flex, Hairworks, HBAO+, Waveworks ? (because there are so many branches)

Or is the “release” branch having all of these?


The release branch doesn’t include a merged version as of now.
You can use multiple integrations, but you would have to merge the branches yourself or rely on GalaxyMan2015’s merged project you can find here: Github. It’s currently 4.9.2 and will skip the 4.10 version, so the next update will be 4.11, a bit of waiting worth in my opinion.

Thanks. I post the questions in a specific thread in the rendering section. I cannot use “Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows” because is for moving objects so that feature is not supported and the lack of self shadows are not from a light but from an emissive material on a plane acting like an area light.

Hi Rioly,

Yes you can modify individual spring stiffness. Take a look at the UFlexAssetCloth class. The cloth cooker (flexExtCreateClothFromMesh() function) will assign stretch and bending stiffness automatically, but you can modify these values after cooking if you wish.



Is there anybody who has been able to balance HBAO+ with DFAO and get rid of “too dark” AO ?

Is that true that NVidia will release Source Code for their GameWorks : ?

Thanks a lot! Looking into it atm I’ve skipped past it multiple times but guess I got overwhelmed by the amount of code :smiley:

I have one more question; is it possible to attach a flex cloth to another flex cloth object in Unreal? (Lock particles into eachother)
Sorry if this has been answered before :slight_smile:


Mike.Skolones hello i m a maya user i download ue 4.8 , 4.11 but no option for hair how can create realstic hair in ue plz help me give me easy way

Yes, that’s true. Not all GameWorks, just some libraries though.
Here’s the official press release:

As I read it, Flex is now a part of the PhysX library (But called Nvidia Flow), is this true, and how will this affect the UE4 integration?

Flow is a new library for performing grid-based fluid simulation, Flex remains a standalone library (separate from PhysX) for particle based dynamics. We will maintain UE4 integrations for both libraries, as they are designed to complement each other.

From Flex’s point of view this is quite possible - however there is currently no mechanism to author these types of cloth-cloth attachments in UE4.

Will the VXAO and Volumetric Lighting be integrated into Unreal ?

Not sure about VXAO, but volumetric lighting is in their “to do” list Trello

Yeah since 2 years ago :rolleyes: