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Material Problem In 4.8

I Didn’t Do Any Modification Just Drag and Drop The Material And It Happens Every Time With Every Material… Am I The Only One Who Getting This Kinds Of Problem…? And How To Solve IT…? Please Help Me…

WHat kind of problem? You havent described what the issue actually is

Material Problem In 4.8

I Didn’t Do Any Modification Just Drag and Drop The Material And It Happens Every Time With Every Material…

Am I The Only One Who Getting This Kinds Of Problem…? And How To Solve IT…? Please Help Me…

Which project and what errors? As I did do a commit last night, that may have broken things.

Hi GalaxyMan2015,
This Is My Problem…

By Default I Having This Problem…

What Just I Did is…

  1. Download The Source Code From GitHub
  2. Run Setup And After Finish Download I Generate The Project File
  3. Compile It And Open The Editor And Create A Third Person Project…
  4. Just Drag And Drop The Material On The Floor… And This Problem Appears…

Please Help Me…

Does this have anything to do with my branch or the NVIDIA branch of UE4? There is an answer in that thread already. It is not actually an issue, its just the nature of UV’s since they switched from BSP to static meshes (In BSP you could scale the texture on the surface, Static Meshes you cannot). You need to do as stated in the thread and modify the material to adjust the scaling. If this is not the issue (or it directly relates to NVIDIA or my branch) then please describe the issue in as much detail as possible.

Maybe the asset was exported with old version of HairWorks.

I think you can do it by manually setting up a hair asset structure.

Is someone working on an exporter or a plugin for Blender, which can export splines or guide to hairworks viewer and UE4 ??

LOL, Galaxy i found the problem what was causing the memory downclock… and it happend in 3ds max aswell so for sure it wasnt your branch,
what i did is i went to Nvidia control panel and then change PhysX to CPU… and THAT fixed my problem… maybe its driver issues since its the first driver with GTX 980Ti :]
hope nvidia going to fix it and again THX all the hard work galaxy

edit :
Titan X clock in 3dsMax.
This is a very old issue going back years and it’s caused by the Physx plugin. A quick fix is to go into your Nvidia Control Panel and under the Configure SLI, Surround, Physx settings, change the Physx setting to CPU.

Or if you would like to keep Physx to use GPU (if you game), you can go into your 3ds max/stdplugs folder and scroll down to the physx.dlm file, rename it to physx.bak and restart 3ds max. You will be unable to use MassFX though by forcing the Physix plugin 3dmax to be disabled this way.

Hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone using the Turbulence branch has noticed how the particles seem to freak out when you move the camera around. It looks like the particle system resets after a few seconds and goes back to normal but as soon as you move the camera it freaks out again. If anyone else is seeing the same behaviour is there a simple fix? I am using a first person template pawn to run around with.

Thanks guys.

zakman dont know how its looking like for you but here a video how it looks like :smiley:

Hey iuhiuh, It looked the same for me before I made a new game mode and used a first person pawn. The problem only shows up when i’m using that pawn. If I remove the pawn and just fly around (it is set up this way by default), then I don’t have any issues.

GalaxyMan2015, Thanks for the great efforts, dude.

Just tested your last 4.8 all-in-one build. All is great, except that VXGI Specular didn’t work at all. I used a copy of a project made with Nvidia’s 4.7.5 build, and it used to work flawlessly on that.

Any ideas??

It’s been about a month now since we got our hands on that first sample of hairworks. Any word on any developments? Can’t wait to see it with some more lighting features.

I’ve been trying to debug what may be the same problem. Specular works fine in the editor, but in the game it takes a lot more time to produce an incorrect result. Diffuse works fine in both. If I change the ReflectionApply shader to just output the VXGI specular buffer, this is what it outputs in game vs editor:


Just Realized that you have to remove ALL reflection captures from scene in order for VXGI reflections to work.

Very strange, and it was never mentioned in Nvidia’s UE4 VXGI documents.

Yeah I do recall having to do a similar thing actually, so when im testing VXGI, I have a level that has SSR turned off, no sphere reflections, and a skylight with a tiny intensity if any at all.

I have just noticed that in the latest vxgi release, SSRs don’t seem to be be working at all - even when turning off vxgi.
Is this the same with everyone else?

what? im on Galaxy man’s build and its working perfect. Speculars reflections are all working…