NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

Example map “flexFluidSurfaceTestMap”.

I hope they eventually do- extremely cool stuff! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

GalaxyMan, just wanted to point out the minor issue that the VXGI documentation in your Doco folder (at least the PDF) isn’t the latest one which was updated with multi-bounce info.

It appears they only just recently updated the VXGI doco, this is why mine is not up to date. I have grabbed the latest version and am updating my repo. Thanks for the heads up.

Huh. Did not expect a mobile GPU to outpace my desktop GTX 780, especially by that much. And yeah, the 62 FPS is with framerate smoothing enabled, it caps it to that by default until you disable it.

Might be time for me to invest in a 980 Ti.

please!! i don’t know why to imput hair.apx 导入’C:\Users\Devuser.Devuser-PC\Desktop\haiddr.apx’失败。创建资源’/Game/白虎/huren/haiddr’失败

Your going to have to be more descriptive, whats the issue?


hi …
is planning for ‘nVIDIA advanced soft shadows’ in UE?

Where are the example maps located?

Will flex cloth ever be implemented on skeletal meshes?

Hi, I am still having problems with adding the new flexsurface particle emitter to a blueprint as a component, whenever I try the editor crashes immediately. I can add the emitter in a level and it works fine, but within a blueprint no. I have also noticed that when looking straight at a flesxsurfaceemitter it works fine, but moving the camera up or down just a little makes the the emiter and water shimmer/flutter/jittery.
I have submitted it as an issue on github, but have heard nothing.

GalaxyMan, do you plan on updating your merged 4.8 to p4? Or do you think it’s unnecessary?
I hope that we get an official merged branch with everything included since it would secure future updates.
I do appreciate GalaxyMan’s work and have to thank him (Thank you! :D), but who knows how long he will be doing this.



I’ve noticed that when you turn up the max particles inside one of the containers and run it that it goes slow (expected probably), but then turning back down the maximum doesn’t fix the problem till you close the editor and re-open it. Is this a bug?

No I wont be updating to p4, im waiting for the official 4.8 and then I will update my merged branch.

I don’t have in mind when 4.8 will be fully released (should be soon-ish or not?), but I can see why you would wait for the official 4.8 ^^
Anyways, thank you for the info :slight_smile:


Sorry for the trouble, we haven’t reproduced that yet, but we will try to get to it ASAP.


Yes, but I don’t have an ETA for it.


@Alexey @Mike Greetings. I know that VXGI still has problems with smooth reflections but I wanted to notify you about this:

On the Ball , the reflections of the mannequin is flickering even when he deosn’t move. I can also see many voxels of the the edged of the reflected emissive balls. and from certain angles I see voxels in circles inside the reflected balls:

But what bothers me the most is that the Colour bleeding and mixing don’t work in most of the cases. I expected to get results like these :

Well only red + green and and very little blue + green worked a tiny bit. The others didin’t work at all. I was expecting to get green on the wall after the colours mix here: etc

Well few months ago, I used LPV and it gave me great results in colour bleeding and mixing and that chnaged even using time of day and from where the sun was facing the walls :

Effectively colours do mix and the results are like here :

Here is a video :

I really hope VXGI will get to that level and we can see such colour bleeding and mixing. Thanks. :slight_smile:

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll record it as an issue in our bug tracking system. I’m not quite sure about the second issue you mentioned. Are you using the “square” screen alignment option in the emitter?