NVidia GameWorks compile error

Visual Studio is giving me errors while compiling Source Code from here. https://github.com//UnrealEngine/tree/4.13_Preview_NVIDIA_Techs

I’m compiling source codes from 4.12.5_NVIDIA_TECHS branch where all of the nvidia techs are merged. I use Visual Studio 2013.

Here are list of errors

I think error 6 and 7 are causing because of error 1,2,3,4 and 5.

Error 1,2,3 are from line 140,141 and 142 of the engine\source\runtime\engine\private\hairworkssdk.cpp
Error 4 is from line 178 of engine\source\editor\detailcustomizations\private\hairworksdetails.cpp
Error 6 is from line 300 of engine\source\runtime\engine\private\fluid\wavesfft.cpp

To make sure that those errors are not occured by mistake in the 4.12.5_NVIDIA_TECHS branch that I’m compiliing, I’v checked the cpp files from corresponding branches of another git hub UE source codes https://github.com/NvPhysX/UnrealEngine/tree/release And those cpp files are all the same.

What can I make to solve these errors? Please help me.

The 4.12.5 branch will not compile with VS2013 as far as I am aware. I have never tested it on anything but VS2015. Others have reported similar issues with VS2013. I would recommend upgrading to VS2015.

Thank you for your quick reply, So if I compile it with visual studio 2015, it’ll work?

Yes it should. As i have compiled it a few times with VS2015 and havent made any changes in a while. Altho im not in front of my computer i am unable to verify beyond all doubt

Thank you very much.