Nvidia / ATI Cooperation

Hey Guys,
Maybe it is a funny question but i see all the time “in Games” some types of NVIDIA or ATI Advertising… Like powered by Nvidia etc… What is this about, are they some kind of benefits, maybe sponsorchip?

Yes, it generally equates to some deal made with one of the ODMs in questions, usually to include support in their product for some library or set of them. This usually comes with additional support, extra promotion, and often some kind of financial incentive (though not always). It isn’t limited to graphics cards; CPUs, GPUs, SPUs, networking, input, anything that requires direct software support to take full advantage (and help encourage sales of the hardware products) is likely to try and make partnerships.

Oftentimes, you’ll also see deals involving pure software solutions as more of an advertisement for other dev studios rather than end users. Different target audience, but basically the same purpose.

Also, you may be using one of the technologies developed by one of those gpu manufacturers.

ok cool… looks like a familiar concept to me… good friends of mine own some gastronomy objects and they also get paid by cola or other brends to sell they’re products “more” or exclusiv…
Is this only a privilege for big studios ? Or also for indie developers ? So far i have seen no kind of advertising in indie games…

You actually can use some technologies from them. For example nvidia gameworks. If you make a nice game, and you will use the technology well, they will propably advertise you.

it’s their two way street to say, they give you free / cheap graphics technology, you give them a ton of logo views on your splash, everyone wins.