Nvidia 3D Vision Support

I was wondering what the support for stereoscopic rendering is like in UE4, specifically for Nvidia 3D Vision. From what I understand, support for 3D Vision was added to Unreal Engine 3- is the same support still there? I know that with UDK, it was possible to render the viewport in 3D Vision, but I cannot seem to get it to trigger with UE4. Even if I build out a map and run it standalone, it still does not trigger 3D Vision. I’ve tried looking through the documentation a bit but I wasn’t able to find any information about this. I understand that there is Oculus Rift support, which requires stereoscopic rendering, though I’m not sure what this means for 3D Vision.

Additionally, if 3D Vision support does not currently exist, am I correct in assuming that it could theoretically be integrated as a plugin, given the open nature of the engine?

Thank you

I wanted my game to use NVIDIA 3D vision, but it seems neither NVIDIA or Epic is interested in this. It seems abandoned.