novice > Colorcalibrator missing materials

Apologies for this novice question, but there isn’t a separate ‘beginners’ channel to ask questions.

I’ve dragged the SM_ColorCalibrator Static Mesh into my level but it is missing any materials.
So I applied the M_ColorGrid material but it applies to the entire object, cube AND the 4 spheres on top.

If I open in the Mesh Editor I can see only 1 material slot available.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Is there a way to re-import the ColorCalibrator into my Content Browser so the materials are correctly applied?

It should come with all materials by default.
Engine Content -> EditorMeshes/ColorCalibratoir SM_ColorCalibrator
Once it’s in the scene select it and in details it should list 5 materials. Each ball and m_ColorGrid. These are in the same folder as the SM_ColorCalibrator.

In your case it looks like you’ve modified the static mesh. (Asterisk) for soem reason. Did you do somethign to the materials list?
You could drag them back in: They’re listed in order: Gray, chrome, black, colorgrid,clearcoat

Thanks for the feedback