Notified when a spline control point is added/deleted in the editor?

Is it possible to be notified in Blueprint when a spline control point is added or deleted in the editor?

I am following the UE Spline and Spline Mesh Components twitch video. Based on the way the Blueprint is set up, if you add or delete a control point, the BP will add a new element to the end or delete the last array element, regardless of whether you added/deleted at the end of the spline or somewhere in the middle. If you add or delete in the middle, this causes the data array to be “off”.

I was wondering if additional logic could fix this. Is there a way to know when a control point is added or deleted and its index in the spline, so I can update the array correctly, like through an event or notification? Can the Construction Script have any kind of event handling?

If knowing when a control point is added/deleted is not possible, is there a solution to this problem other than manually fixing the data array?

Also, I was wondering if BP supports linked lists? I could only find Array stuff. I know that you can insert and remove at specific indices but I was just wondering if there are linked lists.