Notification of Release

I have a working demo of my game and I would like to upload it to GameJolt ( the full game is going to be released on Steam ) but I am not sure if I need to send an email about it to Epic. I was reading this .
Also I will be getting some small amount of money from the ads , do I need to track it and send reports if I don’t earn more than $3000.


If you emailed Epic about your intentions im sure they will help you along.

As far as my understanding goes, you dont need to notify them of Demos, but full product ready titles need to be informed to Epic as is explained in the document you linked.

OK Thanks,I will send an email to them, just to be sure, to get their clarification.

I just saw this , can I use that example text that is provided here and if I can do I need to change anything. I am talking about this text :slight_smile:
Thank you! :smiley: