Nothing Happens to The Enemy (Punch Collision)


i spent hours trying to figure out how to get it to work as many tutorials show but failed

i added a collision sphere on the enemy and called it EnemyBody

And did this to the Enemy BluePrint , But Nothing Happens , The String Text Doesn’t Show

Is My Blueprint Right? Is it connected with the sphere collisions on my player arms or i have to do something else ?

Did you enable “Generate overlap components”? Or try with “other actor” or “other component”? I never made a boxing game to be honest, but I would check that first i think.

Thanks, i got it to work by cast to.

But now the problem is when the enemy dies, it keeps chasing me (Ai move to) when it’s not supposed to move

Try using the Destroy Actor node when you wish for the enemy to die.

or just remove its controller if you want to keep the body there.

tried that and it made the enemy disappear and i dont want it to disappear because theres a death animation and visible dead body

solved by (Disable movement)

**My last Problem is the death animation … if i punch a dead body it does wake up and do the death animation and die again

and if i apply (do once) it solves the problem for one enemy but the rest enemies wouldnt die or play the anim**

If the body is still playing animations from punches then in your character blueprint you need to create a variable for the death state. I have one in my blueprint called IsDead. Then, when you take damage, only allow further action with a branch node if you are not dead.

Hi, I have the same problem. would you mind show your enemy blueprint? thank you!