Not Woking , Need Help!

I Got A Question, Everything is working fine! except 1 thing. When I Shoot My Gun It Goes Back To The Old Value Before I Started Reloading, Pls Need Help

If you try and do it like this, it always ends up being a mess. An easier way is:




not working lol

why its not working for me then? im a little new v

It’s not the same code…

haha thank you but every script i use seems to work the same and it sets the value back to the clipssize but after i shoot again its still the same amount as before… so for example i have 30 bullets in the mag and max ammo is also 30 i shoot 2 bullets so i would have 28 , after i reload its showing me 30 so the max clip size again but when i shoot it would go back to the 28 as before

Very definitely does work :wink: