Not sure what I missed or what I need to change

Kia ora

I just installed the UE engine and di the starter tutorial only to find
the fire smok from the bazier is looking like sheets of brown paper floating
into the sky. I’m thinking I need to do somit with alpha setting some place.

This is an i7 4770 with 32Gb ram and a 4Gb GeForce 970. I thought it might just
cut it to do the stuff.

Do you have this problem? -> Unreal Tutorial Particle System doesn't seem to have any actual fire? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:

-open the particle system
-switch to the content browser and select the “M_smoke_subUV_blackbody” material
-go back into the particle system - click onto “required” - add the material
-now it should work

Thank you so much,
I maybe shuld have searched but I in general find I don’t word my search’s in the same English as websites and find nothing