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Kia ora

Thank you so much for the Parago bundles, I was a liitle put out tho to find them all placed in the root content folder not place neatly in a Paragon folder. I’m hoping it won’t break anything moving them to tidy up. tho that said your not alone Afforable landscapes has done the same with ALL the landscape assets, (I’m using this ONLY as an example of how bloated the root folder could become to make a point) each char in it own folder as you can imagine thats a lot to look through and does make a rather messy root content folder. I don’t know if it’s 4.19 but moving stuff just seems to leave bits behind and does not clean out the folders after. Moving is not a clean esy task it would seem.

I am how ever very grateful at your generosity and only mentioned this as a point of thought for the future maybe,. thanks again for your great work

Opps near forgot
Is Sparrow coming pretty please

The reason it was structured that was is because it’s a rather common method in game design. This was the argument Maximum-Dev used when his Affordable Landscape pack was rejected for not placing all of the textures inside 1 texture folder, or all meshes under 1 mesh folder.

That being said moving it to another directory is pretty simple, and shouldn’t break anything. Whenever you place an asset or folder into another folder UE4 will typically clean up the references. If not, right click the root folder and click fix redirectors. I’ve moved many marketplace products to alternate directories outside of the main content folder without issue. Good luck. =)

Kia ora

Thanks for clearing that up, and the advice on how to do it, I maybe tried to move tomany folders at once, not sure will try again one char ar a time