Not sure if Epic released enough training videos today... :)

Really!!! You only released 36 videos… Disappointing…
j/k! Wow, that’s a lot of content. Good to see the intro material being redone for the newer versions of the engine.

They sure have been busy! Kudos for keeping it updated Epic!

Than take a look at other engines and come back with your result :rolleyes: actually i think UE4 has a ton of training videos… and more than every other engine i know

He was being sarcastic. =)

where are they posted at

Their official youtube page.

As Jon said, I was being sarcastic! LOL. The problem with the typed word, is the lack of tone! They have a ton of video’s, and keep adding to it, and I love it!

Good to see that they updated the video, but where is Zak? :smiley:

Unity has more!

Oh so your a campaign manager, here advertising for a competitor, well then take a hike, get lost… nobody on the face of this planet would ever go for unity when they have far better here, its so sad it makes unity look like game maker, and game maker look like click and play.

FalconSoft, Unreal has 419 videos on their YouTube channel, while Unity has 579, so Aerroon is correct. (Please do not be disparaging of each other, or other game engines. They each have their strengths. and reasons to use. Have a great dev day! :slight_smile: ).

I’m sorry i just got so mad, that a competitor came here to intentionally advertise another product, its like if Microsoft advertised halo 5 on Nintendo’s forums and as a result Nintendo’s profits plummited 15% they wouldn’t be happy about that, so r you saying your happy if a few of your profits dropped because some say about, 25% of your customers started using unity instead of your award winning product? Are you honestly going to accept loosing customers, i know i wouldnt if it were me in your position.