Not sure how to go about adding some AI logic

I am unsure of the best approach in getting this to work.

I’ve followed these tutorials (very good) :
So, I now have a Behaviour tree, AI Character and Controller, and a bunch of Blackboard assets.

In my game there are Electric Fences which turn on/off at intervals, the idea being if you hit them when they are on you get hurt, so when they are off you run through.
I’d like my AI to stop running when he comes to an Electric Fence (that is on) then run through when it is off.

My current Behaviour Tree has basically :
Detect Enemies Nearby

  • > Patrol
    -> Search & Attack

Should I write my logic in the Search & Attack bp, or should it be its own seperate Blackboard asset ? in which case, where in the tree should I place that

Im asking for advice so I can learn and build more complex trees, I’m just curious which is the best way to do this

shouldn’t this be a task that have some blackboard decorator that checks if some flag like “hazard nearby” set?
so if set return and let it wait, and check when another interval that scans for hazards and turn it off to proceed.