Not sure how to fix this muddy effect

Hey there, I have been trying to figure out how to do a cel shaded comic effect. So far I have utilised the post processing effects from the “stylized rendering” example project that can be found in the “learn” section of the launcher.
What I have done so far is create a post process volume in my own project and set it to unbound. In the “blendables” section of the post process volume I have added “M_PostProcess_Base” which I copied over from the example project. Weirdly it has created this muddy effect which blocks out all the colour from the map. I just read that things like this might be caused by the “render custom depth” option but I just enabled it on the character model and it didn’t seem to change anything.
Been reading sites and forums for a few hours but can’t find out what is causing it.



Hello Zephyr77,

in this material there’s a scalar parameter called ‘Post Process Blend Weight’. In the stylized rendering example project, this value is used in matinee to blend into the world (when you click play). The default value is 1, which creates the effect you’ve seen in your project. Setting the value to 0 will remove this brown-ish color.

Thanks for the help Benergy, that sorted out the issue. :slight_smile: