Not so smooth rotation with oculus

I’m just trying out an oculus rift with my unreal project. Now i noticed it moves not so smooth when i turn my head. When i do turn with my controller it is smooth.
It is also this way in a very simple scene with no textures or anything.

In the standard oculus demo in the oculus settings it is all smooth, so it seems like it is configured correctly.

Any suggestions on how to get a smoother experience?

Are you saying that you’re experiencing judder when you rotate your head, but not when you rotate with mouse look?

Yes exactly.

You probably need to be hitting 90fps.

Do you use a post process Volume? Disable it and check if you still have the problem. Than test your adjustments one by one.

I got it to a smooth 75fps by now. Had to disable some lights.
But isn’t it strange that normal movement with the controller was smooth, except when i turn my head?

It’s a bit counterintuitive, but in a tracked HMD turning using a controller is really not the same as turning your head (regarding perceived judder).

Good explanation here: