Not rendering topology during run time

I don’t know if my thread name is clear, sorry lol
My question is this one:

I have a character which can be customized with different clothes, gear etc. So I would like to be able to not render certain parts of the body. I’m using morph targets fr the different variations of the character body type wise.
Now, I dont want to cut the mesh because this adds an extra layer or problems into the pipeline. So what can I do?

Body base mesh is around 25k and characters fully geared turn around 50-60k tris.

Can I use a system of masking to not render a topology group?

Thanks in advance!

You could use a texture mask, or you could use vertex coloring as a mask. All of that would have to be set up beforehand and then you would have to set up your material so you could modify those masks during the game.