Not free stuff inside of ue4


Recently I learned that ue4 have at least one thing in it that is not free, and that is auto-lod, which is provided by Simplygon, great tool from UDK, but is there more?

I’ve had read licensing FAQ, but there’s no any info about Simplygon for example.

So maybe NVIDIA PhysX are also not free? Or some other stuff, please let me now if there’s more stuff that need to be paid before using, thank you in advance!

There is nothing included in UE4 that you have to pay extra for, they specifically designed it so that it wouldn’t rely on anything like that.

But what about Simplygon?

“Simplygon is distributed with Unreal Engine but licensees must first obtain a license from Donya Labs ( to use this feature. Please contact them for details on obtaining a license.”

And I’m afraid of more things like this.

On that page it also details how you can still use LOD’s, “If you do not have a Simplygon license, the standard FBX pipeline has a method for importing LODs for StaticMeshes. See the FBX Static Mesh Pipeline documentation for more details.”
Though it is not auto-LOD, it the way most of us deal with LOD’s. Most want control over their models, rather then someone else.

It just built-in support of Simplygon software, like Speedtree. For Substance support you have to drop plugin file in project folder, but with Speedtree and Simplygon you can work without pluguins. This is the difference, “paid” features does not exist in UE4

It’s third-party software, what Unreal Engine 4 has with it?