[NOT A BUG] Unable to show multiple images in 2D view

In this post, lubenko posted the following image:



I select several images in the 1D image hierarchy on the left side, but only one image is shown in 2D view.


Hi alice,

why did you ask this question in bug reports? A follow up in this thread would have been the right place. I think one should be fairly certain that it really is a bug when reporting something in here.

Please read the basic help section on image selection. It is all covered there.

What you are looking at is the 2Ds window (thumbnail view of 1Ds) which is not the same as 2D.

Hello Alice,

you can swith to 2Ds view only in the left-most view in 1 + layouts. 

As Götz mentioned, you can find more information in the application Help - Get Familiar with the Application Basics.


I FINALLY figured it out.

Only the left view can show the multiple images.

One has to know that.

I want to show multiple images (so that I can see which are not aligned) AND the control points list at the same time.

How would I do that?

Congratulations!  :slight_smile:

That is what the “s” in 1Ds or 2Ds means! As far as I know you can’t display both. One of the quirks in the UI…

It would be great if we could have 1Ds and 2Ds at the same time, so that I could see control point and find non-aligned images. Or it would make sense to mark non-aligned images in 1Ds.