[NOT A BUG] Orthophoto direction missing

In the newest version (4987), the setting for defining the view direction for the orthophoto (arbitrary, side, etc) is missing in some projects. In others, it is still there. All have been saved with the prior version.

Hi Gӧtz,

the option Type in the Ortho projection tool is available only for georeferenced scenes. Do you miss this option also for georeferenced models?

Ah, ok. I see. That could explain it. Thank you!

Seems a bit random though. A greyed out option would seem a bit more intuitive…

It should not behave randomly at all. This option should be visible always only for georeferenced scenes since the individual types are dependent on the coordinate system of the model. 

For non-georeferenced scenes the arbitrary option is selected automatically. 

Sorry, that’S not what I meant.

I was trying to say that it causes confusing (in me at least) and is not immediately understandable why the option is sometimes missing. If it were gray, it would be immediately obvious that there is something different with the model.

Anyway, I think it’s now clear enough for everyone…  :slight_smile: