[NOT A BUG] Can't import an image selection on a new project

“Image selection” under Import & Metadata is greyed out until you add at least one image to the scene. I can’t think of any good reason for this.

Hi Aaron,

that’s by design. Importing selection means importing “what is selected” and in your case there is nothing to be selected.

In general “Image Selection” is just a text file with images stacked in lines, e.g.

E:\Datasets\kyoto - dragon\chjp_04147 [1].jpg
E:\Datasets\kyoto - dragon\chjp_04148 [1].jpg
To add an image list to the project simply drag&drop your image list file (it must have .imagelist extension) or you can add image list as if it was an ordinary image - WORKFLOW\Image and select your image list.

Now, what is “Import \ Image selection” good for?
Consider you have more images in the scene (e.g. 10K) and you want to select some of the - e.g. those which use flash - to disable them in the texturing. You can use external programs e.g. lightroom to generate an image list. Their image management is very strong and allows selecting images using various criteria. Then import the image selection and the app will automatically select images from the image list. Now you can set properties to these selected images.

Oh! Crazy, I totally thought I was importing images all this time and I wasn’t. That probably caused me about 10 wasted hours… So is there a button that allows you to import a .imagelist? Or you have to drag and drop for that?

I would never have found the drag and drop imagelist feature on my own in a million years!