Normals render wrong when not in UV channel 0

Hi, I’m having an issue with normals, I have an asset that has 3 UV channels, 1st for overall mapping, 2nd for lightmaps, and 3rd is for baked normals for assets.
Here’s an example of the issue I’m having:

As you can see, if I keep the normals on UV Channel 0 the normals display just fine, but if I export the asset with any additional UV channel, and use that as a source for the normal coordinate, in this instance UV Channel 2, then the normals render incorrectly.
I tried different options when importing, like import normals and tangents, only compute normals, also tick off “remove degenerates” but non of those did anything.

You guys experienced anything like this? And if so, any solutions you have in mind?


Ok I found a solution if anyone is having the same issue:

I forgot there was an actual solution to this issue, remember it being pointed out 5 years ago,…te-uv-channels