Normal with consistent difference between two windows computers?


I have some kind of judder animation problem that only manifests on one of my two dev computers. It shouldn’t be a performance things because I have lowered stuff and checked with ‘stat’ commands that things run quick enough. Also the computer that gets the judder is the newer stronger machine, which is completely clean with just windows and no other software installed. (bar chrome) Also the judder only happens on my character skeleton mesh and not on other meshes in the scene.
I updated the gpu drivers without difference.

I get this consistently and have narrowed it down to one or two nodes in my anim blueprint.

But I was wondering if it is common to get different results on different windows machines running the same build?
(assuming that I have checked that no other running software disturbs the game process)
Is there any settings that can help with this?


I would guess that maybe the difference is something to do with the framerate, if you have some blueprint that processes each frame then the framerate will change how that performs.

Hmm…I’m running this in VR and my stats report sub 11ms needed to hit the 90fps. It is strange that it happens just on the skeletal mesh.
Also remember that this happens on my more powerful machine which is also completely clean in terms of other software installed/running.
It looks good on my 3 years older machine with tons of other software on it.