Normal - New variety feed in Discovery only supports V1 of maps (?)

I released a map today, it went into New Variety, then I updated it to fix some bugs and it got removed. All in a matter of hours.

This means that the feed supports only v1 of maps (unless I am missing something, the publishing time of my update is precisely where it dropped), which helps untested maps and removes maps that had fixes and creators that are active with them. My other map, Domus Mortem, was unlisted for weeks because I tested it, and never made it into any tabs once it was released, which also checks out with this theory.

This is the second time my release gets killed because of how bad Discovery and the moderation process are. We didn’t have any of this back in Creative.

And to prove it, once I reverted the V1 again, the level skyrocketed to 2k CCU, then once V2 was listed, level got shadowbanned:

Now the game is removed from all feeds, even though nothing is wrong with it.

EDIT: To fix it, I reverted to V1 again, then pushed a new update to V3 which seems to be ok now. Just v2 was cursed for some reason, all updates I do now are not affecting it anymore.

I am having these issues with discovery as well… Now any time I push an update on any map. It gets a spot on browse in one of the categories. The numbers skyrocket, then 30 mins- 2 hrs, poof gone. The numbers plummet again. The bad thing is I am always working on my maps, improving and adding features. My numbers would be consistent if it doesn’t vanish from browse and discovery so quick.

Instead browse is filled with copycat maps