Nooby question about making a game.

Me, my brother and a buddy have talked about making a game for years. It’ll be close to impossible for us to make a game from scratch. My question is if there is a way to create a kind of “mod”-like game rather than a game completely from the beginning? It sounds a bit lazy but we just want to create stuff, a world map with mobs and some spells and go from there.

A single-player prototype is possible… Anything more is unclear (multiplayer for example is nearly always pro territory). So what can you do to start? Start collecting free or paid Marketplace packs and any other assets that look useful (Community-Tools etc). Then learn Blueprints (BP) to connect it all together. BP is coding, but its lightweight programming. As regards modding, I actually think the old engine (UDK) was much better for that, as it gave you more stuff out of the box. But of course UDK is less shiny than UE now…

It would be better to get specialized in different areas for all three. Learning “entire” game development is possible but takes way too long. Kitbashing aka mod based modules are essentially using paid or free marketplace assets and modifying it to suit the needs. Not all are suitable, depending on your game needs. That would work if you have tons of cash or time to “wait” for gifts from unreal god!

Seriously, talk is cheap. Just do it.

Thanks guys. Really helpful. I was kind of expecting people to get angry because it seems lazy, but I just rather pay someone smart to do something hes good at rather than learn a thousand things myself especially in the beginning. The marketplace seems very legit, almost too good! I’ll find someone to work with as well and start off small. Thanks again.

You can find full blown game prototypes on the unreal marketplace and pull them apart to see what makes them tick, and use them as a jumping off point - rewrap them with new assets, add new features and learn as you go. Something like this is only 8 bucks - TopDownShooterStarterPack in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

The unreal docs are fantastic and there is a wealth of both official and non official streams and tutorials on youtube. What the three of you need to do is read the docs cover to cover and watch the ue educational streams to the point that your parents get worried. There is so much to learn and you only get out what you put in!