Noobs question - Shoot cable at wall.

I am trying to make this blueprint program, where you look at something, for example a wall, and then left click, which will fire off a cable to the wall. Later on i will then try to make it so i can press another button which will drag me to the point the cable hit, but that’s not what this post is about. I am a complete newbie at programming in UE4, but i have already made an actor which shoots out from my character and goes to where i am looking. (Picture of the program: Screenshot - 83022f2840d648f73716530c8a89dee4 - Gyazo ). The actor i am shooting is just a projectile which spawns with a lot of speed. My problem is just that I just don’t know how to make the actor/projectile a cable. The actor i made goes from my character to the wall, but i can’t seem to figure out how to get a cable to follow it. The solution is probably extremely simple, but as i said, i am totally new (Been learning for about a week now), and i am just trying to do my best to learn.
Thank you.

  • Djotskar