Noob wants to switch between blueprints to test

So I’ve got the Animation Starter Pack - among others - and have existing movement code with a blueprint / animations in the way.

Should I just delete the native code and copy / paste / redo the references or is there an easier way to switch between active blueprints within a project?

Eventually I’d like to import the blueprint into my existing project but need to test the interactions first, and I’d like things to work before incorporating any of this into my other project file since I know just vomiting more code into a blueprint without knowing how it works into a working project just causes headaches. Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.


Found a general answer to this.

It’s in the game mode blueprint. Here, you can switch which blueprint is being used via the references, the one that I was looking for was the “Default Pawn Class”. Delete the normal pawn on the map, and you will always spawn as whatever your blueprint is referencing, allowing you to test out multiple character blueprints in the same game mode.

Pretty sweet actually.