Noob VR Integration Help

Hi Unreal community,

I’m building a small environment in Unreal. This is my first time using the Unreal editor, so I am still getting used to editing assets and the environment, as well as blueprint. I really want to use the Oculus Rift headset, using it guide the prefab FlyingPawn, in which the pawn follows the headset instead of WASD. So far, I have gotten this to work by increasing the FOV on the main camera, then changing the FlyingPawn’s ‘Pawn’ settings to use controller rotation on all axis. This works well for viewing and head control, but all of my keyboard functions that change aspects of the Pawn rotation are no longer active, a rather unfortunate side effect. Is there a way to use HMD rotation on the pawn without limiting control to the HMD (like through blueprint)? Also, I would like to know how to implement some on-screen text as well. I have looked around for a while now and still got nothing. If you can help, your service would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance