noob question with basic animation retargeting

hey guys, i’m a noob in animation and all that involves this, retargeting, posing, skeletons, etc. i’ve been working on a game from the ground up, that means a blank project without using any of the templates from unreal engine, and basically i got bored and decided to copy paste the skeleton and mesh from the basic character of ue4, and then get the animations, but apparently it wasn’t a good idea

this is the pic to see that the skeleton fits the character

and this shows that the animation doesn’t fit well

do you guys know why this happened? :frowning:

bump, nobody? i tried to move the upper arm much closer in the walking animation, but when i go back to ref pose, it looks bad

What are your retargeting settings if you enable “Show Advanced Options” in the Skeleton tree? Usually you could choose animation for root and pelvis and use skeleton for all other bones (except IK that could be anim as well).