Noob Question: When to UV High Res Assets

Hey all,

So I’m making my first game asset, and I’ve recently finished it in SubD. Problem is, I’m at a bit of a cross roads as to when I do the UVs, as after spending an hour searching forums, I’ve found some do the UVs on the smoothed SubD, yet others wait to do it on the High Res Polygon output that results from freezing/converting SubD to actual polys, while others still say not to do it until you’ve created the game-friendly decimated version that you’re going to normal map onto.

I was hoping someone might solve for me which of these yields the best looking and performance friendly result so that I might proceed on to texturing.

Thanks in advance!

There’s really no need to UV a high resolution mesh. General practice is to UV the low resolution mesh, then bake the details of the high resolution piece onto it.

It depends, which do you think would be easier/faster?
It’ll depend on each thing you make because it might actually be easier to set up materials on your high detail mesh and then bake them to the low detail mesh.

thanks, i just ended up going with JonF.