Noob Question: Using TriggerVolumes inside VR (HTC Vive)?

Dear Folks,

i’m just really new to UE and starting to learn the engine. At the moment i’m playing around with all kinds of interactivity inside UE and just
recently started playing around with my Vive.

I was just wondering on how to trigger simple actions, eg. a play a matinee or start an animation just by using trigger volumes. I’m wondering
if it’s also that simple in VR. I have tried different approaches on how i can trigger the players Position, the HMD, the Pawn, but with no success.

Can you help me with that issue. How is it possible to check if the player is inside/outside of a trigger volume, how can i solve this prob? Any
help highly appreciated.

Rock on,

Did you ever figure it out, I’m struggling with the same thing.