Noob question, help would be great, scale problem

So just for skill development, I’ve been creating models in sketch up and importing them into ue4. I created a tileable texture in Photoshop and tried to apply it but when I did, the texture appeared to be really small on the object. Also when I imported the objects, they came out really tiny and I needed to scale each one of them by 100x. This also happened when I imported my models from blender. I’ve been stuck on this problem for aggeeess now. I tried to use the viewsize node with multiply but that only made the texture completely white so I might be using that wrong. Please help.

-textures -> make sure that you have uv mapped your mesh correctly + you can change the scale in your material with a texture coordinate node
-mesh -> 1uu = 1cmm, For blender this tutorial will explain you everything: :slight_smile: