Noob Question - Character Blueprints for Any Game?

I have purchased > 1 game blueprints.
Can for a player-character use any Blueprint you wish in a game running?
Or do I need to modify that game’s own recognized specific Player-Character Blueprint to incorporate the parts and features that I want from other game’s Blueprints.

Like, is it merely a naming convention that links entire Blueprints together, or is it more. I do not know.
It seems like Game blueprints ignore outside player-character Blueprints, enemies do not attack or pay outside player-character blueprints any mind.
Why don’t they attack this player, what might their game-active Blueprints be looking for.


Yes, you can use whatever you like. What you have to ensure is that you have changed the references to the new characterBP from the old one in every other class that references your old character. You also have to set you GameMode’s ‘DefaultPawn’ to your new character (unless you spawn and possess your player pawn manually, but in that case the first part of my comment applies).