Noob Question: Animation editing according to level static meshes, please advice

Hello, I’m trying to migrate from Unity to the Unreal. I had done lots, however animation and sequencing bit complicated. And I still can’t found any info (probably I’m trying with wrong words in google).


I am trying to develop a visual novel system. I succeeded in many processes, but unreal’s animation system is still confusing to me. I use hundreds or maybe thousands of model poses in my game. (Excluding facial expressions). These poses require the characters to be copied and changed according to their environment. For example, one seating pose needs more than one seat (depending on its height) to be changed.

I could do this in unity with an additional asset. (though you must buy an asset to edit animation in unity). But the good thing about this asset was that it could do the editing directly within the level.

Unreal animation editor has more or less the same features, but I can edit in an empty scene.

Is it possible to run the animator editor within the current level?

Also, how can I sync two characters to make the animation showing the interaction between the two characters.

Or should I do this in another program (Blender, Maya?)

My Humble Regards

Probably use an external program. It’s possible to do within UE4, but I think it’s far more complicated then using a proper Rig in a 3d program.

As far as dealing with it. Potentially you could just learn how to use the IK system and bone manipulation to just adjust your animation programmatically.
It’s nowhere near as accurate as you manually changing the animation, but it is a lot faster then trying to edit ALL the animations…

Re: MySelf. For now only Allright Rig was supported on level based animation edit. for synced animation. I don’t know yet.Probably we can do it with ARR and Sequencer…